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Digital Sling Phychrometer RT-8716

  • Besides main functions and features of 8716, the meter triple combination displays:
  • Humidity/T1, T2, or Humidity T1-T2,
  • Humidity/Dew Point and Wet Bulb
  • Humidity/T2 (external sensor) and Dew Point
  • Humidity/Dew Point and Delta T (T2-DP)
Optional Accessory
  • External temp . probeVZ87P6 AZ, Humidity calibration salt solution (RT33, RT75)

Temperature Range -20º~+50ºC(-4º~+122ºF)
RH% Range 0~100%RH
Wet Blub Range -21.6º~50.0ºC(-6.9º~122ºF)
Dew Point Range -78.7º~50.0ºC(-109.7~122ºF)
External Temp. Range -20º~+70ºC(-4º~+158ºF)
Accuracy RH% : ±3% at 25ºC
Temperature ±1ºF(0.6ºC)
Pocket Size 24 .7(H) x 48 .4(W) x 178.5mm(L)
Response Time 60 seconds typical
Power 2x1 .5V AAA battery