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Tachometer GM (8905)

Tachometer machinery industry is one of the essential instruments for measuring motor speed, line speed or frequency. Precision measurement can impeller blades, the drum, the rotational speed of the spindle shaft. Widely used in motors, fans, washing, textile, automobile, aircraft, ships and other industries.

Description :
An optical tachometer for measuring speeds of rotating objects in RPM. It also measures surface speeds in metres per minute or feet per minute. High accuracy is achieved by combining CPU, photoelectrical and laser techniques. The ergonomic design makes the instrument comfortable to use.

Specifications :
  • Optical Measurements
  • RPM and totalise counter, being non contact via supplied reflective tape
  • Impact resistant ABS case
  • Laser spot for easy identification of target
  • Optical detection distance 50mm to 500mm
  • 50mm LCD display with function indicators
  • Recall of last measured value
  • Min/max memory updated automatically
  • Low battery indicator
  • Sampling rate of 0.8 seconds (over 60 RPM)
  • Supplied with foam padded carry case, 700mm reflective tape & batteries

Range 2.5 to 99,999 RPM
Power 4 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries (ALR-6-4)
Resolution 0.1 RPM (2.5 to 999.9 RPM) 1RPM (over 1000 RPM)
Dimensions 160 x 72 x 35mm
Accuracy ±0.05%, ±1 digit
Weight 147g