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Ammonia Gas Detector RT-8806

Product Introduction
This portable unit adopting electrochemical test principle monitors the ammonia content in the air, is widely applied in industries of petroleum, chemistry, coal mining, fire control, public works, communication, food and poultry. It monitors the content of ammonia in the operative environment to secure the safety of the workers there.

  • Ammonia content detecting.
  • Detecting mode selection among current value, maximum value and average value.
  • Alarm of over high/low ammonia content.
  • High/low limits capable of private setup.
  • LED backlight.
  • Selectable of automatic turn-off or non-automatic turn-off.
  • Switching between temperature units and environment temperature.
  • Reading hold function.
  • Zero point calibration.
Gas detected Nh3 content in the air
Range 0~100ppm
Resolution 1ppm
Minimum reading 1ppm
Maximum error <50ppm:±5ppm;
Response time <120s
Sensor type Electrochemical ammonia sensor
Alarm Sound alarm
Operating environment 0ºC~40º(32ºF~104ºF);
10%RH~90%RH (Without condensation)
Powered by 2x1.5V AAA batteries
Size 55.7*29.9*135.5mm
Weight 104g

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