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Thermal Imager IR-890

IR-890 Visal Infrared Themometer
Detail Description :
  • 2.5 color LCD display
  • Selectable color palettes
  • Visual/heat map image alignment
  • LED light allows the unit to be used in poor light
  • Image capture and storage
  • Units/time/date set
  • Auto power off


Model IR-890
Display 2.5 color lcd display
IR solution 60×60 (3600 pixels)
Visible light image resolution 300,000 pixels
Field of view 20×20°
Minimum Focus 0.5m
Thermal sensitivity 0.15?/0.27?
Emissivity Adjustable 0.1~1.0
Temperature range -20~300?/-4~572?
Eccuracy ±2% or reading±2?/3.6?
Spectral band 8-14um
Image frequency 6HZ
Focus mode fixed
Color palette Iron color, Rainbow, Black and White
Image storage Micro SD card
File format bmp
Battery life 6H
Battery type 4* 1.5V*AA* size Lithium battery
Auto power off 12 Hours
Working Condition 5OC to 40OC / 23OF to 104OF: 10%RH to 80% RH
Storage Condition 20OC to 50OC / 4OF to 122OF: 10%RH to 80% RH

Infrared Thermometer With Probe IR-90

IR - 90 2-in-1 4: 1 IR Infrared Range: 35 o -35~330C/-31~625 F
Features :
  • User selectable oCor oF
  • Distance to spot size is 4 to1
  • Adjestabel Emissivity from 0.1 to 1.0
  • Simultaneous display of infrared and probe temperature
  • Probe adjustable through 180o
  • Max/Min/Hold and Lock for infrared temprature reading
  • Over range and low power indication
  • Auto power off