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RT/ GSM-20 / 20E SMS Alarm Data Loggers

These data loggers can measure and store humidity / temperature readings automatically. It has a large LCD that can display realtime readings and logging information. This unit can send GSM/SMS alarm message to authorized user mobile phone if humidity/temperature exceeds set limits, and the user can dial the data logger through any mobile phone to get humidity and temperature readings. User can easily use the software to setup and download data to PC via USB. And user can view, analyse and print the data, or export other file formats(txt, xls, csv, bmp, jpg).

  • External probe is waterproof and its length can be customized
  • Alarm limit settings for all channels
  • Two point calibration for each channel
  • Replaceable battery and data is not lost if exhausted
  • Start logging method: Immediately, Button, Start at
  • Unique and uniform PC control software: Dgraph
  • USB interface communicate with PC for setup and data download
  • Precise and low cost