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Manometer ET-920/921/922/923/925

This product is aimed to measure positive and negative differential pressure value. Here are some units of measurements for choice; inH2o, cmH2o kgcm2. The product is equipped with simple hose connection. It is suitable for the measurement of ventilation and air conditioning systems and field check clean rooms, or any troubleshooting gas pressure system. Easy operation and clear reading.
Features :
  • 11Selectable units of Measure
  • Max / minimum / average, and with a relative time
  • Large LCD backlit dual display
  • Zeroing, offset and data compensation
  • Low battery display and automatic shutdown
  • Data Hold and Error code

Carbon Dioxide Meter GM-8802

Features :
  • Dimensions : 91.5 * 64.8 * 135mm
  • Weight : 156.5g

Functional and technical parameters :
Detection of gas: carbon dioxide in the air
Measuring range 0-2000ppm
Resolution: 1ppm
Minimum reading 1ppm
The basic error: ± 50ppm or ± 3%
Response time: <30 seconds
Sensor Type: NDIR CO2 gas sensor
Work environment 0-50. C.32-122. F: 10-90% RH
Preservation of the environment -10 ~ 80. C, -14 ~ 176. F; 10 ~ 75% RH

Specification :
Gas Tested °CO in The Air
Measuring Range 0-1000ppm
Resolution 1ppm
Minimum Reading 1ppm
Accuracy ±5%(f.s) or±10ppm
Response Time 60 Seconds
Sensor Type Electrochemical CO Sensor
Unit Size 55.7*29.9*135.5mm
Power 2x1.5V AAA Batteries
Operating Environment 0~50 C, 32~122 F : 10~90%RH
Storage Environment -10~80 C, -14~176 F : 10~75%RH