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RT/ET-935 Anemometer

Features :
  • Dual display
  • Air velocity level indication
  • Backlight
  • Area setting units: CM², M², ft²
  • Air velocity units: m/s, Km/h, ft/min, Knos, Mph
  • Temperature units:
  • Battery indication
  • Timing shut-off

Air velocity range: 0.5m/s ~ 30m/s
Air velocity accuracy: 3%±0.1
Temperature range: -20 ~ 60
Temperature accuracy: ±1.5(±3?)
Temperature units: ?/?
Air velocity units: m/s, Km/h, ft/min, Knos, Mph
Resolution: 0.1m/s, 0.1
Air velocity level indication: level 1-12 by analog bar-graph
Sampling time: 1time/second
Average measurement: AVG (the average of the latest 10 readings)
MAX hold: MAX
MIN hold: MIN
Operating conditions: -20?~+60?: 0?RH~90?RH
Storage conditions: -20?~+60?; 10?RH~75?RH
Auto power off: the meter will be automatically shut off in activity of 15 minutes
Dimensions(H*W*D): 252mm* 66mm* 33mm
Weight: 292g